The Hypnosis for Empowerment Program:

There is a “common thread” we all experience when tackling a challenge. This common thread, whether the challenge is physical or mental, is made up of four elements: 1. negative emotions, 2. negative self-talk, 3. feelings of hopelessness and 4. nonproductive actions. The good news is, you can break free from these four aspects. The Hypnosis for Empowerment Program will assist you in managing your challenge so that you can embrace your inner strength and make the changes you need and want.

This six-step program is cumulative and sequential and is tailored to the results you need and want. Each hour-long, in-person session includes pre-talk, guided insight, and hypnosis. In addition, you can decide after each session whether you prefer a 15 minute follow-up phone conversation or an email check-in.

Week 1. The Reveal Session
You will discover the root cause of your challenge and identify how your belief system and negative self-talk sabotages your efforts toward change. The goal of this hypnosis session is to allow you to let go of negative self-thoughts and replace them with positive self-talk and self-affirming thoughts. 

Week 2. The Release Session
You will take a deeper look at your challenge so you can discover how parts of your childhood or other past experiences may have left you feeling powerless to make the changes you need and want. The goal of this hypnosis session is to assist you in combating old, nonproductive thoughts and actions that restrict your happiness.

Week 3. The Recognition Session
You will discover your true potential so you feel strong and determined as your thoughts, emotions and actions begin to change. You will be given an inspiring affirmation to support your newfound mind set.  The goal of this hypnosis session will be for you to access and use your true potential in creating the life you deserve. 

Week 4. The Recreation Session
You will learn to use your imagination and to learn visualization techniques,to “see” a new you; free from your challenge. The goal of this hypnosis session is to reinforce the mental, emotional and physical changes you have always imagined.

Week 5. The Reinforcement Session

It’s not unusual at this point in the Empowerment Program, that you need reinforcement. In this session, you will do a review of the changes you have made and create an action plan to optimize your strengths so you can continue to create a healthy, happy state of mind to foster the change you need and want.. The goal of this session will be to strengthen your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Week 6. The Rejoicing Session

You will take the time to review your action plan and celebrate all the efforts you have made toward conquering your challenge.  We will discuss next steps to ensure your continued success.  The goal of this hypnosis session will be for you to feel the joy and splendor of accomplishing the change you need and want. 

Hypnosis For Empowerment 

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